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Come Find Zen with Me

To build strength, flexibility, and mental peace, join me for private yoga instruction. I teach in a relaxed, calm style for individuals and group classes.

I lead students in yoga poses which are suitable for individual ability levels. But yoga is more than just a collection of poses; it's a state of mind, a lifestyle. So, I make yoga poses feel grounding and relaxing. And I incorporate meditation and breathing elements to complete a full, tranformative experience.

Yoga is a perfect way to invite calm energy into the body, to relax a stressed or worried mind, and to live a life of harmony.

Please contact me to schedule individual or group yoga instruction.

And follow me on Instagram (@stevenreichert) to see more photos of me demonstrating yoga poses like the ones below.


Steven Reichert Yoga

Steven Reichert Yoga

Steven Reichert Yoga

Steven Reichert Yoga

Training Locations

City Fitness (Cleveland Park)

3525 Connecticut Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20008
(at the Cleveland Park metro)
FREE parking for one hour
(no membership fee required)

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Bench Gym (downtown DC)

1150 18th Street NW (between L and M St)
Washington, DC 20036
(Metro: Dupont Circle, Farragut North,
or Farragut West)
(no membership fee required)

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Your home or office gym in Washington, DC

I can travel to your home or office gym to make exercising as convenient as possible. To supplement the equipment you have, I'll provide stability balls, resistance tubing, and light dumbbells.